Monday, January 29, 2007


Work on music

I finally started getting down to some work on a special mini-course that Helen's working out with me. I'm going to be looking at how music and liturgy and transcendence work together. I've started by getting a bit of a feel for how music fits into Orthodox Christian liturgy - including downloading some Russian and some Greek Orthodox liturgical music (legally) - and also having a start on music in Coptic and Ethiopian Christian liturgy. I even found some videos on youtube which gave a really good taste for how it can be used. Here's one clip, of a Coptic service. The music is overlaid, but is beautiful, and you can also see how the service works.

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I found watching that very moving- the children seemed to be fully involved in what was going on-the music was beautiful and although I only understood the odd word it really didn't matter- sounds like an interesting project Mike- hope you'll be posting more on this.
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