Sunday, July 31, 2005


First blog today, though you can find bits and pieces on Advogato from ages ago. I've been thinking of running a blog for a while, and being selected for training for ordination in the Church of England made me decide it was time to start. That and becoming a new dad. I was finally pushed over the edge to do it when we went to see Tosha, Nik and Indigo for Nik's birthday party on Saturday (though it's his birthday today), and I discovered that Tosha has a blog.

Anything of interest today? Well, Josephine (my lovely daughter, who's about five and half months old) had her first solid food (mashed up banana and breastmilk), and I led the first part of a communion service at Stambourne church.

Plans for this blog: let it happen as it does, really. I can't really be arsed to write up a whole bunch of background: I'll explain things as I get round to them. Pop me an email or add a comment if you have any questions.

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