Friday, July 09, 2010


Blogging (and marriage)

It's come time to admit to myself that I can't manage to blog on a daily basis. I think I'm more likely to manage to blog from time to time if I admit this to myself. Life has changed recently, and I'm very busy, and hopefully I can find excuses to blog on interesting stuff when (and mainly if) it occurs.

Speaking of which, it was our 15th wedding anniversary yesterday. We'd both forgotten about it, didn't feel like spending ages (or lots of money) on crystal stuff. So we decided to spend as little time, and as little money, as possible on crystal stuff.


The two on the left are from Moo to me. The one on the right is from me. I was going to buy two as symbols of our two-foldness over the past decade and a half, and had them in my trolley, but managed to drop a bottle on one of them at the check-out. Which was just perfect.

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congratulations Mike and Moo, and if I may be so bold- good decision on the blogging!
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