Sunday, January 25, 2009


Singing, preaching, surviving

(backposting) Sleep? Not so you'd notice. Didn't need a daughter in with me for much of the night, but Moo had the other one (Miri), so that's the way it goes.

But - I was preaching. And singing - "The Three Kings" by Peter Cornelius. So, got it together enough for both of those. I preached on unemployment and redundancy, tying it in to the fact that for many of the people mentioned in the New Testament, (though not, as it happens, for Ananias, who plays an important role in the story of the Conversion of St Paul, which we were celebrating today), we know what their job was: carpenter, tent-maker, fisherman, taxman, and maybe even prostitute. We're often defined - or define ourselves - in terms of our jobs. And that everyone in the congregation will, within the next year, know someone who's lost their job, or been affected by redundancy. Now, God doesn't call us because we're tax-collectors, or carpenters, or IT managers or secretaries, but because of who we are. Not that I want to tell people who are affected by redundancy that it doesn't matter, and to worry about being called by God, because it's the place of everyone to emulate the saints and reach out. Jesus talked about caring for the sick, the imprisoned, but he didn't talk about caring for the jobless. I think that these days, he is.

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