Saturday, January 27, 2007


Family and geekery

So, Moo's sister and brother-out-of-law, Jenny and Jake, came over with their daughters (our nieces, Jo's cousins) Turtle (Aurora) and Mouse (Mercy). We had a lovely time, as did Jo. It's always good for Jo to spend some time with slightly older children, and Turtle's 3 and a half. They get on very well, and Jo's come on so much since the summer, when we saw them last, that they can have real conversations, let each other know what each of them wants. Unluckily, I missed the bit where everyone else went on a walk, and Jo got so tired that she fell off a bench as she fell asleep at the end of it. Got lots of baby clothes.

While we were clearing out Jo's new bedroom ("when you're 2..."), we came across Moo's old machine. It's a lot more powerful than the machine that I've had running as a server until recently, and as we're sure we won't need it for Moo, I decided to replace one with the other. Got it done today - it's fun to geek away for a while - and things are much, much faster, and I've now got some spare cycles to use.

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